Parkwood Southern Baptist Church 


Our Mission

Parkwood is a church that takes its mission seriously. We believe that the church is to truly be “the place where disciples are made.” We believe this is best accomplished through sound biblical teaching, consistent expository preaching, strong church wide fellowship and God-centered worship. At Parkwood there are some things that you won’t find. You won’t find a big, expensive building. You won’t find a Broadway quality worship performance each week. You won’t find Starbuck’s quality coffee. You won’t find theater style seating in our sanctuary. What you will find is a church that stands firm in the Gospel and preaches and affirms the faith once for all handed down to the saints. You will find preaching that challenges you and at times makes you feel uncomfortable. You will find imperfect people who are working hard to love one another and to serve those around us. You will find a church that strives to give glory to God in all things, even when life is tough. You will find a gospel-driven community of believers who realize that we are on a journey to follow Christ wherever he leads and we’re striving to help each other on that journey. If you’re looking to be challenged and equipped, we would like to invite you to join us on that journey!